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March 2018 In Review

In March, we introduced legislation to create a Youth Development Strategy to help our kids across the entire City – the motion  which I co-introduced with Councilmembers Rodriguez and Buscaino, asks for, among other things, the creation of a department, commission or office dedicated solely to assisting our youth with targeted services, jobs and opportunities to succeed. Our youth are our greatest resource and we must put them first.

We also broke ground on a historic monument honoring the millions of Mexican nationals, including my father, who served in the Bracero Program, a US work program that assisted the US to meet work-shortage needs from 1942 and 1964.

And our efforts to address the City’s homelessness crisis continue as the City Council approved a full report to my motion calling for a triage-like response equal to the scale of the crisis in Skid Row – where more than 2,000 individuals sleep on the streets unsheltered nightly – the largest such encampment in the nation.

Read my call to action here.

While housing from Measure HHH is being built, those experiencing homelessness need shelter now. The City Council also approved my El Pueblo shelter motion, establishing trailers along with support services to house our homeless population around El Pueblo at a City-owned parking lot.

We need similar emergency programming and housing implemented in Skid Row and throughout the entire City. I am thankful that a motion by two colleagues that I work with closely on homeless issues, Councilmembers Bonin and Harris-Dawson, will also study an emergency housing plan in all neighborhoods throughout the City.

While CD14 is home to the most supportive housing units for homeless individuals in the City, I was proud to join my colleagues in pledging at least 222 units of permanent supportive housing every three years in each council district. Measure HHH, which I co-authored, ensures that we pay for homeless supportive housing together, and the 222 pledge ensures that we all build housing together throughout the City – including areas with little to no such housing currently.

Please read below for more details on some of the things we’re working on, often with your friends and neighbors (and maybe even you!). As always, please contact my office with any questions, comments or concerns. And please follow me on social media on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!


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Huizar Committee Approves Two Plans To Expedite Homeless Housing

Councilmember Huizar’s Planning Committee approved the Permanent Supportive Housing Ordinance, which aims to streamline production of homeless housing units in the City, as well the Motel Conversion Ordinance to streamline converting existing motels into supportive or transitional housing – both actions part of City’s 2016 Homelessness Strategy Plan will now move forward to City Council for approval.

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