News from District 14

October 2017 Recap

For Council District 14 and our work on behalf of the entire City, October (with a touch of November!) was about profound change. In my office’s day-to-day work on your behalf, our goal is to move the community service needle forward in whatever we can and this month’s work is a great reflection of that. 

We took a huge step forward in securing about $100 million annually to protect and build affordable housing throughout the City, we ramped up efforts on our door-to-door campaign to inform renters in rent-controlled units of their significant protections against displacement, and we assisted homeless college students find a home in the near future.

I called for more services from the County to adequately address DTLA and the City’s mental health crisis.  

We celebrated a victory against unfair jay-walking tickets at crosswalks, new roadway and façade lighting improvements on two of the District’s oldest streets: Soto and Broadway, with more coming for Soto. And we took a huge step forward in protecting our communities against odor pollution from animal rendering plants, as well as protecting our largely immigrant street vending community from undue harm from the federal government.

I thank you as always for the opportunity to allow my staff and me to do our best to move the community service needle forward on your behalf, in whatever way we can – each and every day.

Please read below for more CD14 news and updates. As always, please contact my office with any questions, comments or concerns. And follow me on social media on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!



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Councilmember Huizar's Letter To The City of Glendale

Councilmember Huizar wrote a letter to the City of Glendale in response to the proposed landfill gas power plant at the Scholl Canyon dump in Eagle Rock.

The comments raised concerns about the power plant, its four 40' high smokestacks, the daily release of 900K pounds of carbon monoxide, and potential impacts to environmental quality and emergency response.

The only active entrance to the site is through Eagle Rock. This access point is adjacent to homes, schools, a childcare facility, a major City park, and historic cultural monuments – all in the City of Los Angeles. As such, City stakeholders bear a significant burden from the operation of the landfill.

Councilmember Huizar demanded a more comprehensive and inclusive analysis through a full Environmental Impact Report.

Read the full letter below.

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El Sereno Swaps Out Dangerous Bridge For $20 Million Upgrade

Councilmember Huizar joined the community for a Pumpkin Patch Ribbon Cutting celebration of a $20 million improvement project on Soto Street & Mission Road – removing an outdated and dangerous bridge first built to carry trains in 1936 - with two at-grade-intersections, greenspace and a stainless steel butterfly art display, as well as a piece of the old bridge to honor the area’s history

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Transit Oriented Communities Guidelines Released

Last year, Angelenos voted in support of Measure JJJ. Part of that measures aims to create a Transit Oriented Communities Affordable Housing Incentive (TOC) Program. TOC establishes new incentives to facilitate the development of mixed-income and affordable housing located within a half-mile of a major transit stop. A major transit stop is an existing rail transit station, a rail transit station currently under construction or the intersection of two or more bus routes with peak service levels of 15 minutes or less. On Friday, Councilmember Huizar, along with Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Planning Director Vince Bertoni announced the release of the final guidelines. 


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