The Los Angeles City Council adopted the City’s first sidewalk vending ordinance on Wednesday, November 28. Councilmembers Huizar and Price first introduced a motion to legalize sidewalk vending in November 2013. Wednesday’s action creates regulations for sidewalk vending in the City, as well as in City parks. The new rules go into effect in January.
“While it has taken longer than we expected to get here, I want to thank, first and foremost, the sidewalk vendors for coming to Councilmember Price and me five years ago and saying, ‘please regulate our industry,’ which is unheard of,” said Councilmember José Huizar. “The vendors’ entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance and dedication to legalize their industry, which is such a strong part of L.A.’s culture, is why we are all here today. I also want to thank my colleague, Curren Price, and all our Councilmembers, for their help in bringing these hard-working people out of the shadows so they can pursue the American Dream, make a living and support their families in a safe, regulated and legal environment.”