This week, the Los Angeles City Council approved the City’s first home-sharing ordinance. Councilmember Huizar helped shape and oversee many of the key provisions of the ordinance over the last few years.

“This home-sharing ordinance protects our affordable housing stock and the quality-of-life in our neighborhoods, ensures the short-term rental industry contributes its fair share of taxes and enacts a policy that, once fully operational, will reward good hosts and limit bad operators,” said Councilmember José Huizar. “Our goal in crafting this ordinance was to allow Angelenos to earn income, including those who need to in order to stay in their homes, and at the same time protect our much-needed rent-control units to ensure those who need affordable housing have access to it.”

Under the new ordinance, people can only host in their primary residence after registering with the city, among other requirements. Hosts can offer their homes for short stays of up to 120 days annually. The new ordinance allows good hosts to exceed the 120-day cap if they pay an extra fee and don’t have more than two recent citations from the City.

Councilmember Huizar fought to ban rent-stabilized units from taking part in home-sharing, ensuring these valuable units that are an important source of affordable housing are maintained. Many thanks to Councilmembers Bonin and Wesson for introducing the motion calling on the need for a home-sharing ordinance in 2014 and Councilmember Harris-Dawson for his assistance in ushering the legislation through City Council.

The ordinance will become effective July 2019.