Councilmember Huizar’s staff was part of a large contingency of Eagle Rock and Northeast LA residents at a nine-hour Glendale City Council meeting considering the final Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Grayson Power Plant Repowering.

Northeast LA community members, Sierra Club, Earth Justice, the Glendale Environment Coalition and Councilmember Huizar’s staff all testified against the project. At 3:15 a.m., the Glendale City Council voted 4-1 to ask Glendale Water and Power to solicit, for 90 days, green alternatives to a Gas Burning Power Plant! The landfill gas produced by the Scholl Canyon landfill is currently being piped to Grayson and converted to energy.

The Councilmember’s staff asked the Glendale Council to support the recommendation of the Glendale Water and Power Commissioners, pause the project and solicit green alternatives to a gas powered plant.