This month, the Los Angeles City Council adopted a $10.6 billion budget. This year’s budget provides more funding to deal with housing for those experiencing homelessness, increased street and sidewalk cleanups that I advocated for, and public safety, as well as increased funds in the City’s surplus “Rainy Day” account, something I have long supported. Also included in the budget is funding for several CD14 projects.

My office also worked to secure significant federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds in May, which are designed to increase economic growth, and transform low-income neighborhoods into communities of opportunity. This year’s plan has funding for projects in Skid Row, Boyle Heights and El Sereno.

Also, with a shortage of housing in today’s tight real estate market, advocates are reporting an increase in harassment by landlords in order to pressure tenants to move out. In May, my motion calling for a tenant anti-harassment ordinance to protect renters was approved by the Housing Committee, which will strengthen protections for vulnerable Rent Stabilization Ordinance tenants targeted by unscrupulous landlords across the City.

While this is a great first step, the City still needs to move forward with protections for all renters. The Housing Committee asked for a report back on adding language related to defense in legal private cause of actions for non RSO-renters. More to come on this important issue.

In May, I was also happy to spend time in the district with constituents and our many partners who help us meet our common goals of improving our communities and honoring the people who make that happen.

I celebrated our moms for Mother’s Day at the El Sereno Senior Center; honored our exceptional eastside veterans, and all veterans, who died during service at Memorial Day ceremonies in El Sereno and Boyle Heights; helped open our new Eagle Rock Dog Park, and announced new Eagle Rock Park funding for additional improvements; and I attended the Grand Opening of a new Youth and Family Center for longtime community partner, InnerCity Struggle, which I helped secure $1 million in CDBG funds to assist them in completing that worthy project, which will serve thousands of youth and their families.

All these events highlight the people and community organizations that make Council District 14 so special and it is a pleasure to serve them and you. Please read below about our latest CD14 updates and events, and, as always, let us know your thoughts. Thank you.

    • City Adopts $10.6 billion budget with Increased Services
    • Councilmember Huizar Secures Funds for CD14 Projects
    • Huizar’s Tenant Anti-Harassment Motion Moves Forward
    • Councilmember Huizar Celebrates the Grand Opening of InnerCity Struggle’s Youth and Community Center
    • Eagle Rock Dog Park Grand Opening
    • Work on Boyle Heights’ Safe Routes to School Continues
    • Celebrating Mom’s Across CD14
    • Memorial Day Tributes in El Sereno and Boyle Heights
    • CD14 Pics

City Adopts $10.6 billion budget with Increased Services

This month, the Los Angeles City Council adopted the City’s $10.6 billion budget – the first time the City’s budget has topped $10 billion. Councilmember Huizar successfully advocated for improvements citywide and in CD14, including additional services and housing for those experiencing homelessness, increased street and sidewalk cleanup crews, and public safety.

Homelessness remains a top priority, with more than $457 million going toward services and outreach – more than half of those funds come from the 2016 voter-approved Measure HHH, which Councilmember Huizar co-authored. The City earmarked $2 million for LA RISE, a permanent work program for previously homeless and incarcerated youth or individuals.

The budget also supports additional funding for ‘A Bridge Home’ – an emergency housing with services program. Councilmember Huizar worked with Mayor Garcetti to ensure two out of the City’s first emergency housing sites would be in CD14 – the City’s first at El Pueblo and another soon at 1426 Paloma St. in DTLA. The LA Rise employment program will specifically target residents of ‘A Bridge Home’ sites. Also, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) received a $5 million increase for programs like Safe Parking, storage and drop-in centers.

And thanks, in large part, to legislation introduced by Councilmember Huizar to prioritize encampment cleanups by areas of highest need, this year’s budget includes an expansion of HOPE and Clean Streets LA teams, with 10 teams in both programs with homelessness outreach continuing to be an integral part of any public-health or ADA access cleanup efforts.

In addition, there is money in the budget to allow the City’s Department of Sanitation (LASAN) to hire 11 flexible four-person crews to help address the growing demand for encampment requests. And an additional crew was added to the City’s Department of Recreation and Parks for encampment cleanup requests in parks.

And the City Council voted to increase LAPD overtime funding by 40%, which will help with available officers and resources throughout the City. The Council also voted to expand the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Advanced Provider Response Units (which deploy medical/nurse practitioners to reduce ER trips) and Fast Response Vehicles (two-person fire trucks) to address high-call areas and reduce response times.

This year’s budget provides $11 million toward the new 6th Street Bridge, which begins and ends in two CD14 neighborhoods, Boyle Heights and the Arts District. The upgrade will include a 12-acre park that Councilmember Huizar fought to secure.

With support from DTLA stakeholders, and organizations like DTLA Strong, Councilmember Huizar submitted a letter to the Budget Committee asking for resources to expand LAPD foot patrols in DTLA, along with support of a comprehensive study that could better determine the police service needs in an ever-growing Downtown Los Angeles.

The Budget Committee instructed the Los Angeles Police Department to report to the Public Safety Committee on the Department’s foot patrol deployment numbers in DTLA’s Central Area. The report should include data on crime in the Central Area over the last five years, and data on other areas of the City that could benefit from increased uniformed foot patrols.

Councilmember Huizar Helps Secure Funds for CD14 Projects

The City’s Housing and Community Development Consolidated Plan is a framework that aligns the City’s resources to fund projects that increase economic growth for residents, and transform low-income neighborhoods into communities of opportunity. This year’s plan has funding for projects across CD14.

Councilmember Huizar worked with Mayor Garcetti to secure $4.385 million in Community Block Development Grant (CDBG) funding for the Skid Row Neighborhood Improvement project.

This project will enhance City services that make city neighborhoods livable and improve the quality of life for Skid Row residents and business owners through the use of sustainable design.

This project will leverage investment from the State’s Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) funding allocated for Skid Row for expansion of the Pit Stop mobile restroom and the sidewalk sweeping and litter abatement programs.

And $500,000 has been allocated for to the Skid Row Community space. These funds will be used to assist organizations with adapting their existing space with paint, furniture, and audio-visual equipment to allow approximately 2,000 homeless individuals to live indoors.

Also, $200,000 has been allocated for the James M. Wood Community Center. The center is located in and serves residents of the Skid Row community. The Center’s goal is to provide a safe, sober and well-maintained space that is available to all community groups. Funding is needed for building improvements.

And $586,062 has been allocated for The Oasis at San Julian, which will provide shelter and recuperative services for people experiencing homelessness who benefit from clinical health services but do not require hospitalization.

Councilmember Huizar also secured $682,000 in CDBG funds that will be used to demolish and repurpose a portion of the Weingart East LA YMCA facility into a multi-purpose space that would allow the YMCA to enhance program offerings.

The current YMCA space operates as three offices, two storage areas, one restroom, a hallway and one small room. The CDBG funds will help the YMCA convert this space into a larger, multi-use open room.

Councilmember Huizar also helped secure $400,000 in CDBG funds to help with the expansion of Clinica Romero, which provides a wide array of primary care and disease prevention services to predominantly Spanish-speaking, uninsured Latinos. The Boyle Heights clinic is expanding to accommodate its increasing demand for services.

When complete, the expansion will allow Clinica Romero to provide a patient-centered, team-based care model to an additional 1,200 new patients at their Boyle Heights clinic site.

Hermon Park has been allocated $400,000 to renovate the children’s playground, as well as shade canopies, site amenities and path of travel upgrades.

And Rose Hills Recreation Center has been allocated $600,000 to install a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC). The funding also supports renovation of the children’s playground along with shade canopies, site amenities and path of travel upgrades.

Huizar’s Tenant Anti-Harassment Motion Moves Forward

Councilmember Huizar’s motion calling for a tenant anti-harassment ordinance to protect renters was approved by the Housing Committee, which will strengthen protections for vulnerable Rent Stabilization Ordinance tenants targeted by unscrupulous landlords across the City.

Councilmember Huizar believes the City still needs to move forward with protections for all renters but that this is a great first step. The Housing Committee asked for a report back on adding language related to defense in legal private cause of actions for non RSO-renters.

Thanks to the City’s Housing and Community Investment Department and community partners like East LA Community Corporation, Union De Vecinos, Inquilinos Unidos, Coalition for Economic Survival and LA Tenants Union for their work on this effort!

The City Council will soon vote to approve asking the City Attorney to write the ordinance. Then a draft ordinance will come back to the Housing Committee for further discussion before heading to the full City Council for a final

Councilmember Huizar Celebrates the Grand Opening of InnerCity Struggle’s New Youth and Community Center

Councilmember Huizar joined other elected officials and community members at the grand opening of InnerCity Struggle’s new Youth and Community Center in Boyle Heights.

Councilmember Huizar was proud to help this quality organization secure $1 million in Community Development Block Grant funds to help purchase this new property so they can secure a permanent home and expand their efforts to empower our Eastside families and youth to address the social issues of our day, while also helping young people to succeed educationally.

The $6 million Youth and Community Center, a nearly 6,000 square-foot, two-story building will be dedicated to assisting more than 1,200 youth and residents annually. InnerCity Struggle’s new Youth and Community Center is located at 3467 Whittier Blvd.

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Eagle Rock Dog Park Grand Opening

Councilmember Huizar joined Dogs of the Rock, the City’s Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP), US Congressmember Jimmy Gomez, community members and pets at the grand opening of the Eagle Rock Dog Park! It was a great turnout, with many dogs running around the new park. Thank you to Dogs of the Rock for their advocacy, and the Affordable Animal Hospital for attending and providing free vaccines, and thanks to Rock Dog and Cat, Homes Fur All, Primo Water, and Walk for Pups for attending!

The Dog Park incorporates natural features from the area, such as boulders and fallen tree branches to create agility opportunities for pets while adding a more enjoyable “human experience” at the park. Two shade structures are also available for visiting dog-owners. The Eagle Rock Dog Park is located on Figueroa Street, near Eagle Vista Drive, and is open from sunrise to sunset.

Work on Boyle Heights’ Safe Routes to School Continues

Work continues on Councilmember Huizar’s $5 million Safe Routes to School improvement project. City crews recently worked on upgrades at the corner of Sheridan and Cornwell Street.This project will improve the safety of kids and adults walking around Sheridan and Breed Street elementary schools and the Soto Street corridor.

Other ongoing CD14 improvement projects include the Soto Widening Project, over Valley Blvd, which is part of a three-phase major improvement project along the Soto Street Corridor through El Sereno, Rose Hills, Hillside Village, leading into Ramona Gardens and Boyle Heights.

Special thanks to our City partners at the Department of Transportation, the Bureau of Engineering and the Bureau of Street Services for their partnerships in CD14.

Celebrating Mom’s Across CD14

Aliso Pico Recreation Center

El Sereno Senior Center

Estrada Courts


Councilmember Huizar and CD14 hope everyone had a pleasant Mother’s Day and Día de las Madres! Councilmember Huizar and his field offices were proud to sponsor celebrations at Aliso Pico Recreation Center, El Sereno Senior Center, Estrada Courts and in DTLA with Madres al Servicio de la Comunidad. We thank all moms for their important and irreplaceable role in our lives and communities.


Memorial Day Tributes in El Sereno and Boyle Heights

On Memorial Day Weekend, Councilmember Huizar joined with Veterans and their families and supporters to honor our fallen service men and women at the El Sereno Veterans Monument (top and middle photo) and at the Mexican All Wars Memorial at Cinco Puntos in Boyle Heights (bottom).

In El Sereno, Councilmember Huizar highlighted two new plaques commemorating Guy Gabaldon and the El Sereno Veterans Monument Committee. Gabaldon, one of the many Mexican Americans and eastside Angelenos who served this country proudly, grew up in Boyle Heights and joined the Marines at 17.

In 1944, during World War II, Guy Gabaldon utilized the Japanese language he learned from a Japanese American family that took him as a young boy to capture or persuade to surrender more than 1,500 Japanese soldiers and civilians during the battles for the Saipan and Tinian Islands. That extraordinary act by Guy Gabaldon saved countless lives. Gabaldon received the Silver Cross, which was later upgraded to the Navy Cross, the second-highest service medal. And the second plaque honors all who participated in the El Sereno Veterans Monument Committee with Councilmember Huizar’s office that resulted in the construction of the stunning Monument in 2015 at Huntington Drive North and Van Horne.

CD 14 Photos

On May 9, 2019, the El Sereno Constituent Service Center, home to the El Sereno CD14 Field Office and Barrio Action Youth and Family Center, celebrated its 11th anniversary!

Councilmember Huizar thanks Barrio Action for being such a great community partner, and we thank all the other partners who have called the center home over the last 11 years, and we know the El Sereno Service Center is going to continue its focus on quality service to the El Sereno community for years to come!

In May, Union Station celebrated its 80th birthday. Built in 1939, Union Station is the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States serving close to 110,000 daily passengers. For 80 years, Union Station has served as Southern California’s regional transit hub, connecting riders across Los Angeles.

Congratulations Union Station! Here’s to 80 more!

Councilmember Huizar joined Councilmembers Rodriguez, Martinez and Cedillo to honor and bid farewell to Carlos Garcia de Alba for his tremendous service as the Mexican Consulate General.

Under his leadership, the ties between Mexico and Los Angeles were strengthened and he has been and will continue to be a great friend, advocate and champion of the Mexican people.

Gracias y felicidades Don Garcia de Alba!

Congratulations to the Eagle Rock, Historic Highland Park and Boyle Heights Neighborhood Councils!
Councilmember Huizar’s Office distributed certificates recognizing all the directors, executives and new members of these neighborhood councils for their excellent community service to our Council District 14 communities.
Well done!
Councilmember Huizar Boyle Heights office and the City’s Department of Recreation and Parks held two meetings on potential Prop A and Prop 68 Hazard Park improvements. Community members gave their input on park upgrades they would like to see and voted on the layout and style of the amenities.
Come give your input on potential improvements at the final meeting on Monday, June 17, 2019, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Hazard Park Recreation Center.
Thanks to the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition for hosting a Bike to Work Day Pit Stop in DTLA at our City’s first two-way bike lane on Spring Street! Cyclists braved the morning rain for coffee, snacks, reusable bags, and helmets at the City’s first two-way bike lane on Spring Street.
Councilmember Huizar is leading the effort, along with LADOT, on  Main & Spring Forward, a complete streets upgrade on Main and Spring. He is one of the City’s biggest proponents of multi-modal transportation and is working to improve traffic flow, public transit, pedestrian and bicyclists’ access and safety in DTLA.
Councilmember Huizar’s DTLA Field Team and Fashion District BID Executive Director Rena Masten Leddy celebrated the grand opening of  Denim Eatery! This new fast-casual eatery is all about southern, home-style cooking in the Fashion District. It’s always great to see new businesses opening in DTLA.
Check them out at 227 E. Pico Blvd.
Councilmember Huizar’s Northeast LA office was proud to support the parents at Luther Burbank Middle School during their Appreciation Lunch! With the assistance of Parent Center Coordinator Gabriela Cervantes, these diligent parents dedicated their time throughout the year helping students with numerous events and projects at school.
Congratulations Abuelitos de Boyle Heights on your 20th anniversary! During the event, Olga Peralta and Consuelo Carrillo were crowned as the 2019 Queens. With a combined 90 years of community service to Boyle Heights, Olga (60 years) and Consuelo (30 years) have been a tremendous asset.
Special thanks to founder and president Consuelo Gómez for starting this great group and organizing their arthritis exercise program and citizenship classes.
Thanks for coming out to May’s Councilmember Huizar’s Food Truck Tuesday at Grand Park, and thanks to our participating food vendors for the good eats. Next month’s CD14 Food Truck Tuesday is set for June 11! See you then!
Thank you Burbank Middle School for an amazing community fair. Community participants included the Lincoln Heights Youth Arts Center, SEIU, Breaking Through Barriers, Barrio Action, and LAPD. LAUSD officials greeted the attendees, and three middle school rock groups, as well as mariachis, played at the event. Councilmember Huizar and CD14 staff are always happy to support local schools and community events that bring our neighborhoods closer. Great job to all!
Congratulations to the Los Angeles Christian Presbyterian Church on the grand opening of their cafe, The Spring. Councilmember Huizar’s El Sereno office and community leaders were on hand to celebrate the ribbon cutting. The Spring is open on weekends and will soon have extended hours during the week.

Check them out at 2241 N Eastern Avenue!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the homeless solutions forum at the Eagle Rock Baptist Church. About 100 people discussed various ways to help people experiencing homelessness in Northeast Los Angeles. Monica Alcaraz and Celina Alvarez spoke about social work in the area, some of the major issues they face in their work assisting people experiencing homelessness.
Neighbors came together and suggested solutions to address homelessness in Eagle Rock, including potential locations for bridge housing, mobile showers and possible safe parking sites.
Special thanks to the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council, the Eagle Rock Association and everyone who helped organize a productive event!
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council’s Skid Row Job and Resource Fair at San Julian Park! More than 40 job vendors and resource reps were on-site offering housing assistance, employment, resume help, training and more.
CD14 Northeast LA Field Deputy and Eva Stern Math and Science School alumnus, Mark Estrada (2nd from right), returned to his high school to speak at the school’s 10th Annual Career Day. For the day, alumni return and provide advice to students on college, work, and how to become a working professional. The school is located in Council District 14, on the Cal State LA campus, with many students living in surrounding communities, such as El Sereno and Boyle Heights.
Pictured with Principal Woo and school administration, Estrada and fellow alumni embody the school slogan: once a Titan, always a Titan!
Congratulations to Hair for All and their 25-years-of service in the Northeast Los Angeles area. Councilmember Huizar and the City of Los Angeles hope that Hair for All continues serving their appreciative client-base for at least another 25 years!
Check them out at 6133 York Blvd!