The El Pueblo emergency housing site in Council District 14 has only been open since September, but it already sees positive results for the residents and the area around El Pueblo. The site, which is the first in the city, has seen a significant reduction in the number of tent encampments.

Stories of hope and transformation have emerged and they include:

  • A resident began GED classes. He also plans to enroll in a job-readiness training as part of the shelter program.
  • One of the residents secured a part-time job as a result of moving into the shelter. He is working as a security guard at two restaurants, and now that he has a place to sleep, they’ve given him more days at work because he has a stable place to stay.
  • A People Concern (our service provider) outreach worker was working with a person who had been homeless for around 20 years. That person is now in Lot 5, sharing that his “bones no longer hurt” because he has a bed to sleep in, and expressing gratitude to case managers for convincing him to give the shelter a try.
  • A female client with health needs just moved into housing. She was sleeping at the El Pueblo encampment for a few years. Many providers attempted to engage her over the years, but it took The People Concern’s case manager, who was consistent with engaging her, to connect her with needed resource providers.
  • Two more outreach clients in the El Pueblo area are in the process of moving into housing and will sign their leases soon.
  • Three clients who are residents of El Puente have been matched to housing and are now in the process of completing all of the necessary paperwork, documents, and next steps toward housing!

  • We have a client who is now three weeks clean from drugs. This client started a job training program to keep busy and productive to help stay clean.

  • The group sessions have great attendance numbers.

  • One resident shared that she saw some of her old friends that she used to live on the streets with and they told her that she now looks different – that she looks happy and relaxed and now has a sparkle in her eye.

  • A resident shared how grateful he is that has another opportunity to rebuild his life.